What purposes is Collagen Shot being used for?

Collagen shot is a dietary supplement with collagen, MSM, vitamins and zinc. The combination of active ingredients affects the condition of the skin, hair, nails, joints, ligaments and tendons.

It is crucial for:

  1. maintaining young looking and smooth skin,
  2. glossy hair,
  3. strong fingernails,
  4. mobile joints, ligaments and tendons strong as

Who is Collagen Shot suitable for?

As we age, collagen in our skin degrades. It’s estimated our bodies produce 1.5% less collagen in the skin every year beginning at age 20. This degradation and decreased collagen production is a major contributor to the wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity and thin skin associated with old age.

Collagen Shot is suitable for everyone after the age of 20.

Should men also use Collagen shot?

We get often asked if Collagen Shot is suitable for men as well. Of course! With regular consumption it can help with better skin condition, fuller hairs, nails, flexible joints, can prevent bone loss, can boost muscle mass, helps regulate gut health, etc. Many positive effects are shown while consuming collagen supplements. And most of all, you will feel rejuvenated and energized. You should give it a try.

When should you start taking Collagen Shot?

Starting in our twenties, our body starts producing less collagen. Studies say that 1,5% less per year. This causes our skin to sag and wrinkle, our bones and joints to weaken and stiffen, and our hair to become thinner. You can supplement collagen with Collagen Shot dietary supplement or with a daily balanced diet.

When will I notice first effects?

When the effects of taking Collagen Shot appear depends on several factors, most depending on your age, lifestyle (stress, smoking, alcohol, prolonged sun exposure) and diet. The sooner you will start replacing lost collagen and its building blocks, the sooner the results will be seen and the easier it will be to maintain your current skin, hair and nail condition. However, the majority of our customers reports that effects of consuming Collagen shot appeared after their first 500 ml / 17 oz. bottle was consumed. You will most likely first notice changes by having much stronger fingernails and smoother skin.

When is the best time of the day to use Collagen Shot?

It is best to drink your Collagen Shot first thing in the morning.

Can I take Collagen Shot every second day?

For maximum effect, we recommend continuous use for at least 3 months (some may require more). Observe your body, you know best how it suits you.

Why using Collagen Shot if I can take all the ingredients through my diet?

After the age of 20, when body starts producing less collagen, it is very important to start consuming food rich with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Even though you can intake collagen through your diet, the absorption of collagen from food is only about 27%. When using liquid hydrolyzed collagen the absorption is as high as 90%.

Bone soup and gelatine have the same effect as dietary supplements with collagen.

Due to large collagen molecules in bone broth, it is hard for them to absorb into our blood during digestion. Gelatine molecules used in the kitchen do not absorb into the body well as well. Hydrolyzed collagen in dietary supplements like Collagen shot contains small molecules that flow well into the bloodstream.

Collagen Shot does not taste good.

If you really have difficulty consuming Collagen Shot, you can dilute it with water, lemonade, juice or mix it into your favorite morning smoothie.

It seems that Collagen Shot affects my digestion. Is it possible?

Collagen helps with stomach acid, ulcer and sensitive gastric mucosa problems. The amino acids glycine and proline help improve the overall intestine condition, as they improve the digestive tract walls. Glutamine amino acid helps to reduce intestinal inflammatory conditions and prevents various intestinal diseases.

Are the vitamins, zinc, MSM and collagen in Collagen Shot durable?

All the ingredients in Collagen Shot are durable until the end of the shelf life. Verification was made through analysis in independent laboratories.

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